We provide consulting services in general analytical chemistry, chemometrics, spectroscopy, microscopy and microspectroscopy, hyperspectral imaging, and microbiology.

Analytical Chemistry

In the areas of personal products, polymers, agricultural products, and environmental problems we have more than ninety years combined experience. Most of our work has involved spectroscopy, primarily near-infrared, mid-infrared, Raman, fluorescence, and uv-visible spectrometries, however, we also have had considerable experience with other technologies, including separation science.


Chemometric models have been routinely developed by the members of Light Light Solutions. We have considerable experience with the use of chemometrics for concentration and property measurement. Some chemometric algorithms have been developed and improved by members of the consulting group.

Method Development

Light Light Solutions can develop methods for laboratory analyses and process monitoring. This includes selection of the appropriate method followed by design of the protocols. We can also test the methods and validate them for production or laboratory procedures.

Instrument Selection

There is a wide variety of instrumentation available for analysis and process monitoring. Often the choices are confusing and can be difficult to make the correct choice. Light Light Solutions, LLC, is not affiliated with any instrument manufacturer although we do work closely with some manufacturers. We will not make a recommendation based on anything other than the particular needs of the client and the offerings of all instrument manufacturers. It is our strong belief that we must choose the correct tool for the job. Nothing else will do.

Microspectroscopy and Hyperspectral Imaging

We have over 15 years experience in IR microspectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging, including mid-infrared, near-infrared, and uv-visible fluorescence and reflectance. We are comfortable with the use of most commercial hyperspectral imaging instrumentation and image analysis software.

Expert Witness

We have experience working with attorneys as expert witnesses. We will examine a client's claim and provide the client with an unbiased opinion based on our expertise. We have testified in Federal and State courts and are familiar with court proceedings and expectations.

Rates and Fees

Please contact us about our rates and fees. Any enquiries may be sent to: