Case Studies

Case Studies are limited to projects that have been released by the client or openly published

Flax in field

Commercial Flax Fiber Processing

Light Light Solutions worked with a flax fiber processor to install a system to evaluate every bale of finished flax fiber produced. This involved NIR spectroscopy and chemometric analyses. More than 36,000 individual bales were analyzed in a seven-month period.

Cotton Module being scanned

Measuring Sticky Cotton

Sticky cotton is a problem for ginning, spinning, and dying cotton. The best place to detect the "stickiness" is at the source, that is, in the yard at the gin where the cotton is stored, and at the introduction into the gin. When stickiness is detected and quantified, a decision can be made if and how to eliminate the contamination.

Guayule plant

Field Latex Measurements (Guayule)

Guayule is a source of hypoallergenic and durable latex. Light Light Solutions worked with a plant breeder to generate new cultivars extremely rapidly with in-field measurements. Plants that were very productive were crossbred to yield nine new cultivars in five years.